The library’s general collection is composed by approximately 25.000 titles, divided in two large nuclei: dramatic literature or theatre plays and history, theory and essays on the theatre and the perfoming arts. The first nucleus, Dramatic Literature is constituted by Plays, Monologues, Duets, Popular Songs, Children’s Theatre, Comedies, Tragedies, Religious Plays from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, etc.

As for the nucleus composed of History, Theory and Essays on the Theatre, it is vast and varied, with important collections on Dance, Opera, Set Design and Theatrical Architecture, Stage Costumes, Theatrical Prop, Puppets, Staging and Direction of a Play, Lisbon Theatres, Lighting Techniques, Regulations, Statutes, Censorship, Biographies and Memories, Exhibition Catalogues, Legislation, Directories and Almanacs, History, Theatre in the World, Sociology and Theatrical Anthropology, Dramaturgy, Dramatic Expression, Commedia dell’Arte, Music, Theatrical Writing, Revue Theatre, Critiques and also a collection dedicated to Gil Vicente and another to Almeida Garrett.

A collection of reference works, which are continually being updated, composed by dictionaries, encyclopaedias and lexicons, containing general or specific information on the theatre and the perfoming arts, is available for consultation in the reading room.

As for periodical publications, this library has an important collection, which encompasses 298 titles of Portuguese periodicals dating from the XIX and XX centuries, the majority dedicated exclusively to the theatre and scenic arts. Many of these numbers are very rare, as for example the first edition of "Jornal do Conservatório", directed by Almeida Garrett and dated 1839 and the complete collections of "Gazeta dos Theatros", "De Teatro", "Almanaque dos Palcos e Salas", "Revista Teatral", "Jornal dos Teatros", "Album Teatral", "Chronica dos Theatros", "O Contemporâneo", "A Scena", "Vida Artística", "O Palco", "Palcos e Circos", "Perfis Artísticos", "Pôrto Crítico", "Ribaltas e Gambiarras", "Ocidente", "Ilustração Portuguesa", "A Paródia", and more recent publications such as "Teatruniversitário", "Seara Nova", "Vértice", "Ópera", "Teatro", "Teatro em Movimento", "Adágio", "Malaposta", "Cadernos de Teatro", "Dança", "Cadernos – Teatro de Almada", "Sete Palcos", etc..

As for foreign periodical titles, the following collections, among many others, are worthy of note: "La Revue Théâtrale", "Diario del Teatro", "Il Teatro Illustrato", and the more recent "Revista de Teatro da SBAT" (Brazil), "ADE – Teatro", "Primer Acto" and "El Publico" (Spain), "Scena" and "Il Drama" (Italy), "Theatre Arts" and "American Theatre" (USA), "Mo(u)vements" and "Théatre de Belgique" (Belgium), "L’Avant-Scéne", "Cahiers Renaud Barrault" and "Théâtre Populaire" (France), "Plays and Players", "Dance and Dancers" and "Opera Now" (United Kingdom), "Théâtre Soviétique" (ex-USSR), "Theatre and Dance from Netherlands" (Holland), "Scène Suisse" (Switzerland), "Revista de Estudios de Teatro" and "Teatro" (Argentina) and "Conjunto" (Cuba).

Special Collections
The special collections are the following: the so-called "Literatura de Cordel", with about 150 pamphlets published in the XVII and XVIII centuries; couplets and librettos; programmes, with about 8000 copies available; manuscripts and typescripts, with original texts by D. João da Câmara, Gervásio Lobato, Alfredo Cortez, Virgínia Vitorino, among many others, and unpublished original plays, scripts, translations and adaptations typed or hand written.