This exhibition of Moro’s work in Lisbon centres around five boxes. The sculptor from Segovia plays on purpose with the number five to create a suggestive ambience with form and colour. Inevitably the number five encompasses all the multiples of five.

Obviously all the innuendoes will depend on each spectator’s sensitivity and knowledge. 


Moro’s emblematic art, with all its different levels of meaning, reveals its various facets like an open opus that makes the senses dance. This portico to the Lusitanian celebration of Lisbon 1994, European Capital for Culture, is the result of a long process of Moro’s creativity as a sculptor. It is part of the work, imagination, sensation, intelligence and of the life itself of an artist who is interested in exploiting various techniques to the full.
Moro’s vision, with its inner horizontal emphasis, always desiring outer verticality, celebrates and is a critique of the world in which it exists. The artist interprets consumerism and enhances human day-to-day experiences.

Moro’s symbolic art confirms that the concept of rebirth or renaissance is not a mere historical remembrance and still less a pompous lucubration. On the contrary, this key-concept is worked and elaborated as a vibrant component of Iberian art today.